Cryptocurrency is a Quark algorithm based coin that will support our system to protect up to 50% of Your funds invested in cryptocurrency coins.

We will make a list of suitable coins that will be protected by our insurrance, also we can add other coins in future after market review.

Our target is bring to our clients some safety where investments take a place.


In present times many of us already heard about cryptocurrency, for many of us this story begins years ago, but there is still many new peoples that are joining to crypto world.

For many investors cryptocurrency can be a risk where Your investment can be lost and here we come with our idea to make Your risk smaller.

Cryptocurrency Insurance Platform will allow new investors and old players to protect up to 50% of their funds aganist coins that will become a scam and/or not working anymore (dead).

The prices for insurance will be flexible, depence of how many funds you are gonna put in Your investment.

Keep Your eyes open and wait for Final release of Cryptocurrency Insurance Platform.

Road map

1st Round (01.10.2019 - 30.06.2020)

2nd Round (01.07.2020-31.12.2020)

3rd Round (01.01.2021-30.06.2021)

Coin specs

Coin Name: Cryptocurrency
Coin Ticker: CCY
Algorithm: quark
Block reward: 1-10-1 CCY
Block time: 120 seconds
Masternode Collateral:
1 – 100k block – 1k CCY

100k – 200k block – 5k CCY
200k – 300k block – 10k CCY
300k – 400k block – 15k CCY
400k – 500k block – 20k CCY
500k – 600k block – 25k CCY
600k – infinite block – 30k CCY
Max Supply: 21000000
Premine: 1000000 (Burned 220K)

1 – 100K block – 1 CCY
100k – 200k block – 4 CCY
200k – 300k block – 7 CCY
300k – 400k block – 10 CCY
400k – 500k block – 9 CCY
500k – 600k block – 8 CCY
600k – 700k block – 7 CCY
700k – 800k block – 6 CCY
800k – 1M block – 5 CCY
1M – 1,2M block – 4 CCY
1,2M – 1,4M block – 3 CCY
1,4M – 1,6M block – 2 CCY
1,6M – infinite block – 1 CCY

Initial assumptions of the insurance platform based on CCY cryptocurrency


  1. To begin with, we’ll focus on the legal aspect of the cryptocurrency-based insurance platform and launching the company in a place conducive to cryptocurriences.


  1. Who will be able to insure funds on our platform :
  • Individual investor.
  • To be discussed.
  1. How insurance on CCY platform will work ?
  • Individual investor – You will be able to insure Your funds at flexible price payable in Major cryptocurriencies and CCY coin for example You can pay 20% in BTC and 80% in CCY but You need to keep in mind You will get same % compensation if (X) coin will be scam and/or dead.
  • We will make a list of conditions to be meet for compensation payout.
  • Terms and conditions will be present in Agreement beetwen Insurance platform and insured investor.
  1. How to list Coin on our platform ?
  • The main and first way is that we will make a review of coin that we want to add.
  • The coin needs to meet our conditions to be added on CCY insurance platform.
  • Second option is that Developer of (x) coin can add his coin to CCY insurance platform but he also need to meet our conditions and criteria that we will have placed in Terms and Conditions.


  1. Long-Term Goals
  • Making Terms and Conditions of CCY insurance platform.
  • Make a table of insurance prices for individual investor.
  • Make a table of listing price for Developers.


  1. Finances
  • All income from our clients will be visible for our clients in addresses we will provide.
  • The team payment will take out some % as below:
  • 1st Year – 1%
  • 2nd Year – 2%
  • 3rd Year – 5%
  • 4th Year – up to 10% Maximum
  • From % that Team will take we will pay 0.1% for each first 30 Masternode Holders 3% in total.
  • The rest of funds incoming to our insurance platform will be visible for our clients.
  • We will create financial security funds in the event of a scam and/or dead coin.
  1. Disclaimer

All content presented in Initial assumptions of the insurance platform based on CCY cryptocurrency can be changed in future. That what we present here are some basics of our CCY insurance platform. Terms and Conditions , price tables that we are working on  will determine and can change how our platform will work in future.